Sitefinity and Beyond

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Version 4.0 of Sitefinity has been finally released in mid-January after a lengthy upgrade cycle that included a complete rewrite from the ground up, according to Telerik.

The new version features a new ASP.NET architecture with widgets based on ASP.NET controls, an enhanced interface and support for .NET Framework 4 and the revamped Windows Workflow. Earlier versions of .NET are not supported. More than 100 Telerik RADControls for Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX, and the OpenAccess ORM are included with the CMS.

Telerik acquired Mallsoft, an ecommerce technology company, and has plans to integrate an ecommerce module. The acquisition lays the groundwork for the integration of advanced e-commerce functionality and a robust system for handling online stores within the Sitefinity platform.
“This is the culmination of many years of real-world experience, extensive time and resources invested in product R&D, and in gathering customer feedback. Additionally, with new frameworks supporting Mallsoft’s e-commerce technologies, users have the ability to fully manage all aspects of their online business, from corporate websites to intranets to online stores. Sitefinity 4.0 has matured into one of the market’s most powerful, comprehensive, and highest quality content management solutions being shipped today,” said Martin Kirov, executive vice president of Sitefinity at Telerik. “By minimizing complexities while providing robust tools and innovative features addressing every aspect of the site building and management experience, Sitefinity 4.0 enables users to quickly, easily, and efficiently optimize their web presence.”

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