5 Ways to Win at Website Localization

Posted on 9:43 PM by Rafael Minuesa

A post from Robert Laing at Mashable on the topic of website localization.

In the screenshot above, notice how Zynga Japan, the company behind Farmville and Cityville, incorporates the Japanese flag into its homepage banner.

Let’s compare the English and Japanese websites of Rakuten, the company behind the largest online shopping mall in Japan.

Notice that the Rakuten USA website (above) is simple and clean when compared to the Rakuten Japan website (below). Of course, know that Japanese websites can oftentimes appear overly busy to the non-native eye.

With the help of the Internet, expanding into new markets continues to become easier than ever before.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, tumpikuja

5 Ways to Win at Website Localization

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