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We have just received an e-mail from Francisco Burzi, former PHP-Nuke creator, informing us that:

I'm writting to you because you were or you are user of PHP-Nuke and for me is important to inform the community that PHP-Nuke has been sold on past October 2007.
I need to inform you about this because the new owner failed to meet the agreement we had to inform the public at a certain date and this is starting to negatively affect me.

After I sold the project I wanted to start another activity but soon I realized that programming is my life. Few days ago I opened another web site and started a new Content Management System or Portal System that is initialy based on the latest version of PHP-Nuke.

The new project name is Smeego and you can find its official website at

I want to give to Smeego another focus. The first version is already available for download and I fixed lot of stuff, did some code cleanup and changed all the default themes including some that are very nice.

Smeego open a new market if you are a developer. You can code modules, themes and blocks for it and offer them to the users community.

The system and the website itself are more open that PHP-Nuke. For example, the commercial license is gone, the sell of the latest version is gone as well and the software is totaly free of any charge. The site isn't overloaded with ads, comments are open for registered users... etc...

Being the first version I have lot of interest that people start using it, suggesting ideas and features, send fixes if they find bugs on the code, etc...

Smeego will focus on the intelligence of the system and the graphic design. Smeego is released under the terms of the GNU/GPL license as well.

I want to cordialy invite you to check the official site at and leave your opinion and if you like what you see I'll be more than happy if you use this new code on your commercial or non-commercial website.
Many cool stuff will come in the future for Smeego!

Check it out and enjoy it.
Thanks for your time,

Francisco Burzi

Over the past few years we have used PHP-Nuke in a number of installations that had been requested at our portal ( ) and we didn't know it had changed hands.

We definitely will take a look at Smeego and most likely we'll replace PHP-Nuke with it.

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