The Rebirth of osTicket

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After more than two years of inactivity, an update of osTicket has been released.

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osTicket v1.6 RC2 Jan-01-2008
v1.6 RC1-to-RC2 patch packageupgrade guide)

osTicket is a Support Tickets System prepared for the management of Trouble Tickets.
It has been designed to help administrators to automate repetitive management tasks and organize the team of Operators.

osTicket supports aliases with perl gateway, pop3 login, handles unlimited emails, email intervals to prevent auto responder loops etc.,
Administrations features include deleting tickets from database, creating categories and representatives, defining groups, setting up e-mail alerts compatible for pager, allowing users to login with email and any ticket assigned to them and much more.

osTicket's Screenshots:

osTicket Screen Shot osTicket Screen Shot
osTicket Screen Shot osTicket Screen Shot

Many users had questioned the viability of osTicket given the duration of inactivity. There's a good reason for that. The developers are located in the gulf cost region that was devastated by hurricane Katrina causing some of them to understandably loose focus.
However, with some normalcy returning; exciting things are on the osTicket horizon.

The new release, version 1.6, comes with new and improved features using v2.0 code base and acts as a bridge to that long-awaited version..

osTicket team is also committing to frequent releases and providing dependable support to all users through free online resources and a full range of commercial support and professional services.

osTicket forums is a great place to get assistance, guidance and be part of osTicket community.

In addition to the forums, osTicket wiki provides useful collection of educational materials, documentation, and notes from the community at large.

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