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Posted on 10:11 AM by Rafa Minu

Dear Associates, has finally launched the International versions of its website.

These are the Guidelines:

Each associate is made fully responsible for managing its site.
Their duties include translating into their language and maintaining their section at 1001 webs.

Every order placed in their respective languages is routed exclusively to each associate, who must keep in touch with the client, negotiate orders and develop websites based in the CMS systems we offer.

Billing for each job is also responsibility of each associate, except for:

- Domain Registrations, is an affiliate venture with a US provider and is fully automatic.
There's more expenses than gain from that part and we have only added for the sake of having more functionality in our site.

- Hosting, which is a partnership with SiteGround, an ISP that specializes in CMSs Hosting.
Please use the following link to register with SiteGround:

- Template section, which is also fully automated, and you may include your own affiliate code for Templates.
To sell our Templates at our site or any other, please go to:
and fill out the form.
Implementation of the Templates at your website is very simple (copy&paste).
Afterwards you don't have to worry about a thing, and you will receive 20% on each sale through
Obviously if you implement it at our site you are guaranteed to receive a high boost in traffic, since we are targeting several International markets, but you are welcome to display the Templates at any other website.

Customer Service, Online Help and Billing for Registration, Hosting and Templates are all provided for free.

You are also allowed to use your own AdSense code for some of the ads displayed at our site.
Please request a Google account from us to register an AdSense account, if you don't have one already.
We'd prefer that you only use graphic banner ads (160x600) for the left side and Leaderboard (728x90) for underneath the main text.

The languages we are setting up at the moment are:
English Version
French Version
German Version
Portuguese Version
Spanish Version

On a second stage we're planning to add:
- Hindi
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Russian

But we also realized that if we have people with high graphic/translation/technical skills in other languages, there's no reason why we could not offer the same services.
It will benefit every side and there's nothing to lose.

We're not going to create a whole section for them as with the other major languages, but we are planning to setup a Joomla installation where all those languages can be offered as well.
For the time being, we think it is the best solution for every side.

In any case, we wish you all Good Luck and sincerely hope we can build a prosperous relationship.

Kind Regards,

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