Right-to-left direction languages for Blogger

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Blogger has added three new Right-to-left direction languages to its blogging platform.
Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew are all written from right to left and are the first of its kind to be made available in Blogger.

They have also localized the Blogger interface with new toolbar buttons for bi-directional text editing in the post editor and added right-to-left templates that have been rearranged to read more logically from right to left.

The Blogger interface can be changed to one of these languages by using the menu on the Dashboard, from where the default language on Blogger’s homepage can be changed as well. This option is also available via the “Language” link in the footer of most pages and will instruct Blogger to use by default the new language choice from then on to create all new blogs.

Text direction can also be switched on a per paragraph basis from the editor by clicking on the inverted paragraph buttons that will set the paragraph being currently edited to either right-to-left or left-to-right mode.
This way it is possible to write mixed bidirectional posts in different languages.

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